Playing Bingo Online

In traditional Bingo games, the game is played matching the numbers that are randomly selected to the bingo cards. These numbers are matched to form a pattern. This pattern is chosen before the person (caller) starts calling the number. The person who first matches the pre informed pattern shouts “Bingo” to let the caller know that he has won.

How to play online Bingo
Playing online bingo is simple, once you choose the online bingo site for playing. The bingo cards are randomly selected by software when you buy the number of bingo cards. Sometimes you can also change cards or exchange new cards by pressing the button if the numbers in bingo cards are not desirable for you. The win bingo pattern is also displayed. Like a traditional bingo, the online bingo also has the caller and the board for displayed bingo numbers.
Auto or Manual Play
Some of the online bingo sites also provide option for choosing between auto and manual play. The daubers or markers that are used for marking the called numbers can be changed in shape and color according to the players’ preference. Once the number is called, most of the software automatically marks the numbers. The option of manually marking the numbers is also available for the players, so that they can have the traditional feel of playing
Pre-Purchase of Bingo Cards
Few of the selected online bingo sites have an option for pre-purchasing the bingo cards. These cards will be played automatically by the software even if the players are not logged into the site. This automatically marks the numbers and calls out if there is a win for the player’s account.

Country Specific Rules

Based on the target population’s country, theonline bingo site can be based on European or US standard rules. The bingo numbers are 90 for European standard rules and 75 for US standard rules.

Playing Bingo

The numbers that are called is usually represented by a ball using the random number generator. The caller calls the number to be marked in the room. The players available in the room will mark the numbers after verifying all the purchased cards, if the numbers are available on the card. If the Auto option is selected, the number is marked automatically by the card manager or software. If it’s manual, then the player can mark the number by clicking on the number square. The card manager is the software used in the online bingo sites that does all the function if the player opts for the Auto option. The “BINGO” button is clicked, when the “bingo” pattern is displayed. For Auto option, it’s automatically done by the card manager. The best tip for the new users is to select the Auto option and they can enjoy the game until they get comfortable about how the game is played.


In US standard bingo online sites, the columns are labeled form left to right with the letters ‘B’, ‘I’, ‘N’, ‘G’, ‘O’. The center space is left free. The cards are assigned numbers in each of the 25 spaces. The B column has the number ranging from 1 to 15, I column contains 16 to 30, N contains 31 to 45, G contains 46 to 60 and finally O contains 61 to 75. The number appears only once in the card.